David Moore – SVP Creative at Geometry Global
Gideon has produced several of our commercials and has always delivered the goods – high quality work, on time, on budget with a clear and organized process. He is great to work with and I recommend him highly.


Mike Morley – Casa Strada Productions Ltd
‘Gideon is a ‘go-to’ if you need a one-stop answer to all your production questions. Smart, creative, flexible, budget-conscious and savvy he can fix anything from shooting on the other side of the world to Hollywood standard sfx. Give him lots of coffee you’ll find him good company too!’


Olaf Zwetsloot – copywriter, communications advisor, creative director
Gideon is a seasoned pro when it comes to producing tv-commercials. He is capable of executing complex productions flawlessly. He has a good nose for talentend, young directors and an eye for style and detail. Gideon is willing to go off-road and seek out uncharted territories, instead of merely settling for established, proven formulas and directors. Gideon has the heart of a creative, aiming to get the most out of an idea and, consequently, out of a shoot. Combined with his hands-on attitude and applied intelligence, he’s a solid choice when you want to get things done. Beside that, and of no lesser importance, he’s a great guy to work with.

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